EP24 registration - FINAL

This is the final sign up for the 24st meetup of the Europrez mailing list, taking place June 20 - June 23. The location will be Hotel Bellevue.
If there is enough interest, there will be a wine tasting which will include 5 selection wines. The tasting takes place in the hotels wine cellar at a cost of € 9.
Use this form to indicate interest, also in the wine tasting and T-shirt. You'll notice that there is NO input field for room preference; read and heed the following:

PLEASE NOTE: This year, there is an arrangement with the hotel for a special reservation page for Europrez with a quite nice deal.

You MUST make your own reservations, using the link below; the login code (password) will be provided via the mailing list (to prevent abuse). This also means YOU have to make your own sharing arrangement, if so desired.
There is a hard deadline: the room reservation form runs until March 15th!

The hotel price will be € 90 per person per night for a double, € 115 for a single room. Note that there are only 7 single rooms available. This price includes all of the following:

Please make your room reservation on this page.
On the page, fill in the field "room allotment code" with the password that was shared on the mailing list. The other fields can be left blank.

A couple of tours have already been prepared, for the Garmin owners the files are here: ep24-routes.zip.

There may also be a run of T-shirts; please select the number of T-shirts per size you would like to order.

Below you can see who have already indicated interest.

Name T-shirt Tasting Comments
Ton van Bart and Karin Kuypers1 large yesKarin wine tasting for sure, Ton probably will tag along
Sascha1 x-large no
Thomas & Sylke1 x-large yes
Matthias und Beatrice PotthoffyesNot yet sure if Beatrice is able to attend. But we try!
Darryl Richmanyes
Junji Yoshida1 small 1 medium no
Steve Woodward1 small 1 large yesThanks for taking this on!
Armand Marechal & Caroline Arabin3 x-x-large yes
Marco Etheridge1 large no
Carlo and Gabi Ratzersdorfer-Darvas1 medium 1 large noNo pork in any form, no shellfish or seafood in any form. Fish, beef and poultry are OK.
Ingemar1 x-large 1 x-x-large yes
Koen Nouwen1 large yes
Dieter & Ireneno
Lex1 medium no
Claes Lestén1 x-large yesNo fish or seafood
Ingrid + Jochenno
Mark, Vesna, Emma, Richard and Neisha3 medium 1 x-large yesFive of us - more each year :)
Christoph Teusch, Frank Fleschen1 medium 1 large no
Jeff1 medium no
Jan Richards1 small 3 large noSharing with Isaac
Paul Hounslowyes
Aldo De Leonardi1 medium yesShare the room with Zorat
Paul ReimannnoBooked single room but would like to share a double with someone else
Ulf Mäkitalo2 large yes
Sven Erik Tibergyes
Paweł Wieczorek1 large yesI don’t sure the form still works but I filled it since I'm going to take part :)