EP23 PRE-registration

The 23st get-together of the Europrez mailinglist will take place from June 21th to 24th 2018, in Aples-Maritimes area. The base will be the city of Cuneo, in the far north-west ot Italy.
This page serves as a first indication of who might be interested, to aid in planning the event.
Please indicate if you're interested, and what your preferred room arrangement would be.

Below you can see who have already indicated interest.

Name Room preference Comments
Jeff and Samanthadoubleassuming all things go well, etc.
Armand Maréchal & Caroline Arabindouble
Peter Milessonsingle
Carlo III + Serenadoublegranted stars align accordingly (vacation / etc.)
Darryl Richmanshare
Steve Woodwardshare
Ingrid + DanidoubleTwo single beds please; coming by car
Chris & MarcdoubleNot entirely sure yet
AdrianshareProbably, maybe, hopefully :) Is there a camping option?
Claes LesténdoubleSome food issues
Koen Nouwensingle
Junji YoshidasingleOne M & one S sized T, please.😅
Sascha & Miriamdoublewill attend if my knee allows riding
Lennart JanssonsingleDouble room if Elisabeth comes along.
Mark and Vesna Brownedouble
Dieter & Irene Oberstdouble
Christoph Teuschsharedouble room if Frank will attend
Eva-Britt and Ulfdouble
IngemarsingleHopefully fot for fight, not getting younger...
Thomas + SylkedoubleAs always we are going to plan our summer holidays around that date :-)
alessandro zoratshareAt this time: not clear if I will come by car with Susan or by bike with me only
Bruno Nicolis +DonatelladoubleIt s in Italy so we cannot miss
Paul HounslowsingleCan share
Sven-Erik Tibergshare
GusshareI'm going to try to attend. Also trying to talk Shibumi into same.
Fabrizio Branchesisinglenot sure but surely interested !
Jan RichardsdoubleDepends on School but I'll be there
Kenneth RoswallshareOr camping option 🙂
Johnny & Giulianadouble
Roberto e Barbara Casadeidouble
aspysingle..hoping... :-)
Marco ed Angela Maranidoublewill we start the vacation from Cuneo?
Paolo e Cristinadouble
Marco & AngeladoubleWould be the first EP...
Romolo & Emanueladouble
Richard Browne and Neisha JobanputradoubleDiet restriction - nut allergy
Emma Brownesingle
Jose MatiassingleWill try to attend
Matthias and Beatrice Potthoffdouble
Gus GilmoreshareProbably coming with Marco Etheridge
Saga FauldersshareShare room with Ingemar, two beds. Are there t-shirts this year?
Paul Reimann, Tobias Dettmer, Darja KissershareSure!! 3 Persons! 2 Bikes! We are looking forward. No T-Shirt please. No food issue, thanks.
Felix Reimann, Vivien GenglerdoubleSure!! 2 Persons! No T-Shirt please. No food issue, thanks.
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